BMC in Mumbai has identified Containment Zones with Live Maps for Covid-19 affected Zones.

For awareness purposes and to prevent the spread of Coronavirus cases, the local municipal body - BMC in Mumbai has created live maps consisting of detailed info about the containment zones in Mumbai to prevent the spread of the virus.

BMC Maps for Covid 19 affected zones in Mumbai as of 04th April, 2020 : 233 Containtment Zones

As per the map, there are 233 containment zones presently in Mumbai as of Saturday, 04th April, 2020.

Area's affected are as below:

Containment Zones are created within societies/sections of the above mentioned areas in Mumbai where Covid 19 positive case/cases have been detected as per BMC.

Source BMC Maps: Date: Saturday, April 04, 2020.

A containment zone is a part of the city where a person has tested positive for COVID-19. Post identification, this area is considered contaminated and is sealed off. It could be a single building, a street or a neighbourhood. Residents are quarantined within their homes to prevent further spread of the virus beyond the area. They are allowed to leave their homes to buy essentials, but entry into and exit from the area is restricted. Outsiders are not permitted either. However, in practice, some residents’ associations and societies may impose even stricter restrictions on movement. Some are not allowing residents to move out even for essentials or for walking their pets.

You can find the Maps on this location: BMC Maps for Containment in Mumbai