In a Stunning Show Of Event, Sony Announces it's Electric Car Concept: Sony Vision S

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Well, that was totally unexpected!

From Music Players, Mobile Phones, Playstations, Televisions to now Electric Cars!

Well, thats what keeping Sony busy these days.

Turns out, nobody was prepared for this kind of an announcement from Sony, which turns out to one of the best kept secrets, until the official reveal today, Sony announced a Concept Electric Car titled Sony Vision S!

The concept car has the following features as announced by Sony:

-360 degree immersive audio

-Wide screen panoramic display

-Always-on connectivity

-33 sensors inside & outside the vehicle. These have been designed to not only spot hazards on the road but to also detect driver fatigue with lane departure warning system (LDWS).

According to the press account, Sony partnered with industry leaders to build this prototype, including Bosch, Continental, Genetex, Nvidia, Magna & Blackberry.

The sedan shares quite a strong resemblance to Porsche's design language.

Well, we all know, there are all sorts of gadgets announced at CES, but this by far, was amongst the most expected one. It now remains to be seen, if Sony chooses to keep this a concept forever or green signals it to be driven on our roads.

Follow up video of Sony unveiling "Sony Vision S" at CES 2020:

(Courtesy: Sync Media Network & Sony)