In a surprising reveal, Microsoft unveils it's next generation Gaming Console titled Xbox Series X

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

A Powerful Next Generation Console that seems to have the DNA of an extremely powerful gaming PC.

Microsoft seems to be well determined for the next generation of gaming and apparently seems to be leaving no stone unturned. Apparently they have made the first move and have rolled out the dice to reveal the next generation gaming console titled Xbox Series X.

According to the official announcement, the console is slated to release in Holiday 2020. Although, Microsoft is silent on the launch countries and the pricing, we surely know, this is an important release for Microsoft going head to head with Sony Playstation 5 which is rumoured to launch around the same timeframe.

Hellblade 2 and Halo Infinite would be launching alongside on this next generation Xbox Series X console, although the timing for these have not been confirmed as-well.

Apparently it seems, Microsoft prefers calling it's next generation console as simply the new Xbox with Series naming conventions apparently for additional console introductions.

Going by the name, Xbox Series X seems to be the higher specced console, however, we'll have to wait some more time, probably until E3 2020 until Microsoft reveals additional details about their next consoles.

Let's hope, for this generation, Microsoft includes India in their global launch window as-well.

Meanwhile, here's the launch trailer to feast on: