Microsoft Launcher Preview expected for Surface Duo lands on Android Play Store

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Well, 2020 is here and so is the Microsoft's Launcher Preview expected for Surface Duo, officially launched by Microsoft on Android Play Store as an early access Alpha build.

The launcher features a cleaner UI and introduces a new Landscape Mode.

The New Landscape Mode (Source: Microsoft)

Surprisingly Microsoft has launched this new Microsoft Launcher Preview as an early access as a stand alone app separate from the original Microsoft Launcher.

We tested this new Microsoft Preview Launcher and it does look very appealing.

Here are the results of our test drive of the launcher for you to feast on:

Welcome Screen (Source: The Corporate Engine)
Welcome Screen (Source: The Corporate Engine)

Home Screen (Source: The Corporate Engine)
The New Landscape Mode (Source: The Corporate Engine)
Landscape Mode App Drawer (Source: The Corporate Engine)

The launcher does give an idea of what to expect in the upcoming updates of Microsoft Launcher's Design Language for Surface Duo.

Although a word of caution, Microsoft does warn that this new preview of the launcher is buggy, which we experienced as-well during our test of the launcher on a Samsung Galaxy S9.

Although if you are still curious (Nobody's judging you!), you can try out the new launcher, available on the Play Store here .

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